COVID19 Protocol

When making personal service appointments at La Vie Salon, Please advise our new requirements:

  • When making personal service appointments at La Vie Salon, we ask that you please follow the instructions below for everyone’s safety.

  • Clients must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at their scheduled appointment. 

  • Clients should not bring other guests unless they are bringing children younger than 16 for an appointment.  

  • Clients will contact their stylist via phone, email, or text that they have arrived at the location for the appointment and wait for instructions to enter.  We have 2 lovely outdoor sitting areas located in the front and back of the salon.

  • Clients must put on a face mask before leaving their vehicle and should be prepared to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds upon entering the salon.

  • Employees will wear a clean cape & mask for each client and provide each client with a clean cape or gown. They will be laundered after every use.

  • Payment for services will be through credit/debit cards or a touchless system when possible to reduce the handling of cash.

  • Walk-in appointments:  We will post a notice on the front door or window regarding access to the facility. It will include the phone number that the guest should call to determine the availability of services. If service is available at the time, the walk-up guest will need to answer questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and their current health and put on a mask before entering the location.

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